Here, people believe in Fengshui. They believe that everything happens to the right people in the right place and at the right time. More than 140 years ago, our leader Sun zhong shan was born here, and this is where our city's name came from.

Zhongshan City is one of the earliest coastal cities to grasp the need to open up and make the reforms necessary to become a vital city. Since it opened 20 years ago, Zhongshan City has been in the forefront of economic development. In addition to the superior geographical conditions, this is an area where people embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. Zhongshan City is constantly evolving and growing to make sure that spirit stays strong.

Zhongshan City is one of China's most exciting open coastal cities. In recent years the region has vigorously promoted the "strong city" strategy, with 5 huge markets (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Macao) and 5 major airports existing within a radius of only 90 km (56 miles). Guangzhou is accessible by rail to virtually every part of the country. Because of this flexibility, Zhongshan has built a national base for packaging and printing and is a leader in the high-tech industry thanks to National Health Technology Park, Electronic Information Industry Base, Technology Park and other diversified industrial parks.

SIRUI photographic equipment (Industrial) Ltd Li Jie
SIRUI Photographic Equipment (Industrial) Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer in China. SIRUI is a production-based photographic equipment manufacturer, that manufacturers products under its own name and has its own design engineers and R&D department. Founded in 2001, the early high-end photographic equipment was produced as an OEM product for a famous international company. With their considerable production knowledge and technical expertise, SIRUI decided to start developing its own brand and technology in 2006. In the same year, SIRUI built a 20,000 square meter factory to handle their quickly increasing requests for products.

The superior natural environment, convenient transportation system and vigorous support and preferential measures taken by the Government – in addition to the perfect timing and location of Zhongshan City - has attracted a large number of private entrepreneurs who are taking root, developing new products and markets, and are making the Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan, a shining star in the world of enterprise development.

After many years of manufacturing and assembling high quality photographic equipment, SIRUI not only accumulated rich production experience, it also established its own technical and design team (that has applied for more than 10 national patents) and launched its tripod brand in 2008.

China is known as the world's factory. In fact, most of the offshore operations are primarily concentrated in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang and the Pearl River Delta areas. Almost everyone buys products that are "MADE IN CHINA", but most of the profits go to companies in more developed countries. Chinese laborers only earn very low wages. Even in the coastal cities of China, they are still in the bottom tier of global trade. They earn only the smallest profits and cannot get rid of the title of "OEM" and "Bad quality". Only companies with their own core manufacturing technology - who make products under their own brand names, control the design, QC and distribution of their products and have the goal to remain in the country, will truly find success in the developing coastal cities of China.

SIRUI's product slogan is: "Emperor Qin casted sharp swords, SIRUI forges the top brand." In the past, photography circles have only considered European, American and Japanese brands to be of the highest quality. Even in our own country there has not been a real vote of confidence in domestically made products. However, with the emergence of SIRUI, this thinking has changed significantly.

SIRUI's chief engineer does not want people to see SIRUI only as a product "MADE IN CHINA", it is his vision and goal for the world to see that they are "DESIGNED AND CREATED IN CHINA". This is something all Chinese entrepreneurs want to see in the future!